When will my shipments start shipping regularly from the new warehouse?

We have started shipping all collections from our new warehouse. While we are continuing to ship during this transition we may be experiencing some mild delays. Please check back regularly on this page for the latest updates.

How long will processing my order take?

New orders (excluding pre-orders) are sent to our warehouse for processing on the next business day (if your order is placed before 2 AM EST, it may start processing the same day).

Our typical processing time is approximately 2 business days, though we are currently experiencing some moderate delays due to COVID-19 regulations and our move to a new warehouse currently in process. Your shipments may take a few additional business days to process as a result.  We are working as quickly as possible to send all shipments, but the safety of our team is very important to us.

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When should I receive my intro shipment?

Any new orders placed up to December 6th are expected to be delivered by December 25th, bearing uncontrollable delays by USPS due to holiday mail volume. Subscriptions make amazing gifts that will remind recipients of your thoughtfulness year-round!

How will my shipment be sent?

After processing, your shipment will be shipped first via the freight carrier DHL, towards your regional USPS distribution center. The final delivery will be done by your local USPS office to your front door.

How can I track my shipment?

Once your shipment leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email confirming your order has been shipped. This email will include a tracking link, once the USPS tracking is available this will be displayed on your tracking page, so there may be some time difference from notice to display.

Are the carriers delayed?

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing developments with COVID-19 and higher holiday volumes than most years, both the freight carrier and USPS may experience some delays with delivery times and updating tracking information. We apologize for any delay you may experience.

My tracking number is not showing any recent updates. Has my shipment really been shipped?

The tracking link is only sent to you when the shipment is confirmed as having left our warehouse. Until updates are available from the carrier, the tracking page will still display the message “We’re working on your order”.

Because of the volume of shipments using the tracking system, there may be times where the page temporarily reverts to this message. If that happens, don’t worry, your shipment is still progressing as normal – just make check in again later.

I sent an email and I have not gotten a response yet.

Our customer service team is currently receiving a high volume of emails and our response time is unfortunately impacted as a result. If you need to get in touch with us right away, please contact 1-800-261-6898. (Our phone lines are open Monday to Saturday, 7 AM - 8 PM CST).

I need to pause/cancel my subscription, skip an item, delay a shipment or update my address.

For any time-sensitive requests, please contact us by phone at 1-800-261-6898 (Our phone lines are open Monday to Saturday, 7 AM - 8 PM CST) to make sure there is no delay. Email requests will only take effect on your account when we are able to process your email.

I need to update my credit card information.

Updating a credit card can only be done by phone. Please call us at 1-800-261-6898. (Our phone lines are open Monday to Saturday, 7 AM - 8 PM CST).

When will I be charged?

The charge for the introductory shipment will be pre-authorized when you place your order, and the final charge will be processed when the shipment is picked up from our warehouse by the carrier.

Subscription shipments are pre-authorized when they are sent to the warehouse for processing and the final charge is processed when the shipment is picked up from our warehouse by the carrier.

On subscription pre-orders, the final charge for your introductory offer is processed at the time of order.

I have a prepaid plan, when will I be charged?

You card will be authorized for the full amount of your prepaid plan when you place the order, and the charge for the full prepaid plan will be finalized when your first shipment leaves our warehouse.

Your prepaid plan will automatically renew for the same plan you selected at the time of order after all prepaid shipments have been sent, and the first shipment of the next plan goes to our warehouse for processing. You will be charged the full amount for the prepaid plan at the time of renewal.

To change your prepaid plan to another plan or switch to monthly billing after your plan ends, please reach out to our customer service team at 1-800-261-6898 (24/7) or [email protected]. We recommend calling us before the end of your current plan. Please note that you will not retain the same discount if you opt to switch to a shorter prepaid plan or monthly billing.

I changed my mind I would like to cancel my order/shipment.

Your order can be canceled until it is sent to the warehouse for processing. Once an order has begun processing, it cannot be canceled. We apologize for this inconvenience, if you would like to cancel future shipments on your subscription before it is processed, please give us a call at 1-800-261-6898 (Our phone lines are open Monday to Saturday, 7 AM - 8 PM CST).

I placed an order a little while ago and I have not received it or received tracking information.

We’re here to help! You can call our customer service center at 1-800-261-6898 or email us at [email protected] to check on your order.