Learn more about the Orbiter

What is an Orbiter?

A Tellurium Orbiter is a model of the sun and earth orbit. 

Each issue of Build a Model Earth, Moon & Sun Orbiter comes with the components you need to build a modern version of a classical tellurion – an accurate working model of the Earth, Moon and Sun system, designed to predict solar and lunar eclipses and demonstrate the rotation and orbits of Earth and the Moon.


Go Platinum and receive a Telescope worth $70!

As a subscriber you get the exclusive opportunity to upgrade your subscription and receive this telescope and planisphere for only $1 extra per issue. You will receive this exclusive telescope, stand in 4 shipments whilst building your model solar system.

Take a close-up look at the solar system with this high-quality telescope. The precision optics allow you to see distant stars clearly, making star tracking easy and fun. Equipped with two eyepieces (4mm and 20mm), the main barrel holds a 70mm objective Barlow lens. The scope also comes with its own heavy-duty full height tripod.