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Fun Fact-Filled Magazines

Model kits come with fun and educational magazines that contain easy-to-follow instructions and interesting articles, giving an insight into the functions and the structure of the human body.

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With every new kit, kids will complete a wonderful published work of educational illustrated booklets, including explanatory pictures and graphs, human body games, interesting facts, experiments, and advice that reveal the secrets of our bodies.

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Throughout life, your body grows and changes. In some organs and body parts—such as your skull, muscles, and brain—these changes are visible, as well as being crucial for the proper working of your body. 

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Your body needs care and attention to keep it healthy, and here you can learn the best ways to look after it. 

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Games and fun activities that make it easy for you to understand the different parts and organs of your body and how they work. 

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Each magazine ends with simple instructions for building your model, plus a fun quiz to test your knowledge.