Star Trek Graphic Novel Series

Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection

Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection

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In Volume 1: Countdown, it's the Year 2387 and the Galaxy is threatened by the Hobus star, which will soon go supernova and destroy the surrounding planets if nothing is done.

In Volume 2: City on the Edge of Forever, Dr. McCoy accidentally injects himself with an overdose of a hallucinogenic medicine and travels through a portal to the past, causing the whole future to change.  

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Inspired by the Bantam photonovels published in the 1970s, legendary comic book artist John Byrne has created new photo stories featuring the cast of the original series. Instead of using conventional artwork, Byrne has taken photographs from the different episodes and altered them to create entirely new stories. This is the closest thing to unseen episodes of the original series you will ever experience!

As a subscriber, for $1.50 extra per volume, you have the opportunity to upgrade your subscription and receive premium gifts!

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How much does it cost to subscribe?

To start, you'll receive Volumes 1 & 2 for free, just pay shipping & handling. Each issue onward will be $14.95 + $2.45 for shipping. For platinum subscriptions, add $1.50 to each issue.

Can I get the free gifts without subscribing?

Unfortunately no, you'll need to be an active subscriber to gain exclusive access to these free gifts.

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What methods of payments do you accept?

You can pay by Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. 

There's something wrong with my order. Can you help?

Our Customer Service team can help! Please call us at 1-800-261-6898 or email us at [email protected] If you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time giving 28 days notice – please contact Customer Service at [email protected] or call 1-800-261-6898. If you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

I can't get through on the phone number given.

We have several lines dedicated to helping you, but they can be busy at peak times so please keep trying. Alternatively, please email Customer Service at [email protected] 

How does a platinum subscription work?

The platinum subscription is an exclusive offer giving you the opportunity to receive additional gifts throughout the collection by paying only $1.50 extra per issue. That means as a platinum subscriber you get all of the benefits of a regular subscription, plus you receive the 4 Star Trek hardcover Photonovels over the course of your subscription. For more details on all of the gifts go to our subscriptions page.

If I opt for the platinum subscription, will I still receive the other free gifts mentioned in the regular subscription?

Yes, as a platinum subscriber you will receive the 4 FREE subscription gifts available to regular subscribers, plus the 4 exclusive Star Trek hardcover Photonovels.

When I start my platinum subscription what issue will I start paying the additional $1.50?

You will start paying the extra $1.50 from issue 2 onwards.

If I want to cancel my subscription am I entitled to a refund for my platinum payments?

Unfortunately we cannot refund any platinum payments that were made if you choose to cancel your subscription.

If I cancel my subscription am I able to pay the remaining platinum payments to receive the additional items?

No, platinum items are only available to active subscribers.

How many books are there in the collection?

We have planned 80 issues in this collection.