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A beautifully crafted replica of the Batmobile from the 1966 Classic TV series Batman, packed with crime-fighting gadgets and incredible details. Each issue includes your parts, and collector’s magazine , featuring instructions and fascinating Batman facts.

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And you'll also get two 1:8 scale figurines!  

As a subscriber, you get the exclusive opportunity to upgrade your subscription and get a set of two 1:10 scale figurines from the classic TV show to match your Batmobile for only $1.50 extra per issue. You'll receive you two figurines in 2 different shipments over the lifetime of the collection.

Take A Look Inside Issue 1

Your collector's guide not only helps you build the model, it also gives you fascinating background information on the show.

Every issue of Build the Batmobile comes with a special collector's magazine that provides simple instructions for building your model, an episode guide on the TV series and a definitive history of the Batmobile from 1939 to the present. 


The opening pages of every magazine provides straightforward instructions that show you exactly how to construct your model. The parts are illustrated with easy-to-follow, step-by-step drawings. The construction process is very simple, and all the parts simply click or screw together. The only tools you will need are a set of screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. 


The magazine also tells you all about the classic Batman TV show. This section is packed with information about the real-world Batmobile, character profiles of the show's heroes and villains, and an episode guide that highlights memorable dialogue, reveals what Batman produced from his incredible Utility Belt, lists what the Batmobile did and details every crazy plot and every cliffhanger.


PLUS a visual history of the Batmobile, showing how it evolved from its first appearance in 1940, through TV and movies right up to the latest comics. Everything is here, including Bat-planes and boats, motorbikes and dozens of cars - with every one of them illustrated.

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How much does it cost to subscribe?

The pricing in the US is: Issue 1 and 2 for $1.95 + free shipping, Issue 3 and onwards is $10.90 + 1.95 shipping per issue.

Can I get free gifts without subscribing?

These gifts are exclusive to subscribers, but if you would like to subscribe you can do so via our subscribe page.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, or paypal. Please call our customer services team to make the arrangements.

I have not received all my issues, can you help?

Our customer services team can sort this out for you, if you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

I have received the wrong issue/s.

We will replace all your issues with the correct copies. Please email [email protected] and include your name and subscription reference in the subject line. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time giving 28 days notice- please contact our Customer service team at [email protected] or call 1-800-261-6898. If you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

I can't find copies in the shops- help!

The Build the Batmobile issues are currently only available through online subscription.

I can't get through on the phone number given.

We have several lines dedicated to helping you, but they can be busy at peak times so please keep trying. Alternatively, please email our Customer Service team at [email protected] 

How can I get back copies?

To order back copies, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-261-6898 or email [email protected] Please note that it can take up to 21 days to deliver your back copies.

I can't see some of the pages on the website, help!

It may be a temporary problem, so please click refresh to reload the page. If you are experiencing problems getting through to the secure order area when trying to place a subscription order, please email us at [email protected]

How does a platinum subscription work?

The platinum subscription is an exclusive offer giving you the opportunity to receive additional gifts throughout the collection by paying only $1.50 extra per issue. That means as a platinum subscriber you get all the benefits of a regular subscription, plus you receive the exclusive Batman and Robin figurines over the course of your subscription. For more details on all of the gifts go to our subscriptions page.

If I take out a platinum subscription do I still receive the other free subscription gifts?

Yes, as a platinum subscriber you will receive the FREE subscription gifts in addition to the exclusive Batman and Robin figurines.

When I start my platinum subscription what issue will I start paying the additional $1.95?

You will start paying the additional $1.95 from Issue 2 onwards, if you start your subscription at a later issue you just have to pay an additional $1.95 per issue of the issues you have missed.

If I want to cancel my subscription am I entitled to a refund for my platinum payments?

No, you will not be refunded.

If I cancel my subscription am I able to pay the remaining platinum payments to receive the additional items?

No, platinum items are only available if your subscription is still running.