Build The 1958 Corvette

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1958 corvette

HEIGHT: 6.7 in
LENGTH: 22.2 in
WIDTH: 6.4 in
HEIGHT: 9 in
WEIGHT: 16.5 lbs
MATERIALS: Die-cast metal, plastic, rubber, ABS


Your 24-page magazine includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to assemble your model, plus feature pages that take an in-depth look at America’s first sports car and its place in automotive history.

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Together with your die-cast model parts, in each shipment, you will also receive a fully illustrated color magazine. This contains your assembly instructions, plus illuminating articles that chronicle the story of the Chevrolet marque and reveal some of the finest Corvettes by model year.

chevrolet assembly guide

Simple, color-coded 3D illustrations guide you through every step of the build, with tips and online video tutorials offering additional support. It ensures that you will enjoy the most straightforward and satisfying assembly process possible.

chevrolet model years

First exhibited as a prototype at the 1953 GM Motorama car show, the Corvette went into production the same year and has been continuously manufactured ever since. This section takes a look at some of the standout model years for the beautiful ‘Vette – a rare combination of beauty and brawn.

chevrolet history spread

This feature charts the history of Chevrolet from its inception in 1911, going on to introduce numerous motoring innovations and a range of world-renowned cars. Discover how it cemented its place as one of America’s greatest marques through its landmark designers, technicians, and models.