Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Editorial B

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The Timespan, which Doc conceived at the Institute of Future Technology (above), utilized holographic place/time projection to achieve time travel. Little is known about this particular invention. [Back to the Future: The Ride, described on signage]

The Timeman, also created at the IFT, was a personal time-travel suit equipped with fusion-powered maglev hover boots that allowed a wearer to levitate and fly. [Back to the Future: The Ride, described on signage]

Finally, Doc Brown devised a number of ancillary systems, including: Diagnostic Modules, built to troubleshoot problems involving the DeLorean's time circuits; the Chronometric Analyzer, allowing the inventor to analyze and repair such problems; and Flux Synchronization Modules, a set of maintenance units designed to synch up two DeLoreans in order to link both vehicles' time circuits and enable Doc to override one car's time destination via the other's computer. [Back to the Future: The Game]

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