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If you have questions or comments please contact us, our customer support team is here to help you Monday to Saturday, from 7 AM - 8 PM CST.


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Do you need to get in touch?

If you send an email or direct message to us, please ensure you include your subscriber or order number in the subject line or the body of your message. This will help us to locate your details and deal with your query more efficiently.

I want to cancel

We are sorry to hear that you are looking to leave us. Is there a reason for the cancellation? If need to manage your subscription, please get in touch. Details are on the Contact Us page or you can call us on 1-800-261-6898.

Why have I received a shipment when it’s cancelled?

You likely received a delivery that began processing prior to your cancellation or suspension request. Once payment has been authorized we’re unable to stop the shipment, but this will be your last delivery. If suspended your shipments will resume automatically after the suspension end date.


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Have you received my order?

If you received an email confirmation, your order is with us and we are getting everything ready for you. Please allow 14 days for the first shipment to reach you for a live collection. If your collection is on pre-order, your first shipment will be sent around the estimated date listed (if available) or as soon as the items return in stock.

How many issues are in this collection?

You can usually find this information in the FAQ section of the collection’s page. If not listed, or if you need any additional information, check with our customer service team, as it can vary depending on the collection you have subscribed to. you can call us at 1-800-261-6898.

What is the next special edition?

We will email you at least two weeks before it’s released to let you know and that announcement will contain all the details including the cost and dispatch date.

Why am I unable to order this collection in my country?

We launch specific collections in certain areas based on the local interest and following thorough market research. It might become available at some point in the future, so keep an eye on our website for regular updates.

Why have you not taken the next payment/received a payment reminder?

Please contact our customer service team, as it could be for various reasons:

1. Payment details need to be updated

2. Delays with the next shipment

3. Insufficient funds in your account on that occasion

What was that recent payment for?

The latest payment may be for your most recent subscription shipment, or a special edition we announced to you a few weeks ago. If unsure, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-261-6898.

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When is the next payment due?

Your payment will be authorized when a shipment begins processing every 21 days as set when you signed up. The final charge will be processed when the shipment is confirmed sent.

If you have opted to change the frequency of delivery dates payment will be authorized based on the frequency selected.

Your order date will be listed on the packing slip so that you can always know when the next is due. Our customer service team at 1-800-261-6898 can provide you with this information as well if needed.

Can you send me a payment schedule?

I am afraid that we do not have that option available.  However, each payment will be due 21 days from the last order date as displayed on your packing slip. Our customer service team at 1-800-261-6898 can provide you with your next shipment due date if needed.

What card are you taking payment from?

Please contact our customer service team to confirm this information on 1-800-261-6898.

How much will my next order cost?

This depends on the frequency and number of issues included in each delivery. Please contact our customer service team to confirm this information on on 1-800-261-6898.

Why is the next shipment $9.99 more expensive?

Your next order includes the next binder for your magazines. These blinders are a perfect addition to your collection and help keep your issues safe and secure. You can decide not to include these by calling us on 1-800-261-6898.

When will I receive my next order?

Your next delivery should arrive within 30 days from when the payment was collected from your account.

Why are you sending shipments out with some missing issues?

In case something is unavailable, we may send the next available item instead so you can enjoy the collection. Please rest assured that the outstanding issues will be sent as soon as possible.

Your shipment should include the items as listed on your packing slip, so make sure to contact us if this is not the case.

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Where is my shipment?

Please contact us for confirmation. If we have just authorized a shipment, please allow 21 days from the date you receive your shipment confirmation email for delivery.

The payment was taken yesterday, but I still have not received my shipment.

Your payment is pre-authorized when the shipment begins processing and finalized when it leaves our warehouse. Please allow at least 21 days from the shipment confirmation email to receive your shipment. If not received by then, you can contact the customer service team for further help.

Can I have a tracking number for my delivery?

Your tracking information will be sent by email as soon as your shipment is confirmed shipped by our warehouse. For help with locating your tracking information, please reach out to our customer service team at 1-800-261-6898.

I have received damaged items

We are sorry to hear you have received damaged items. Please send a picture of the damaged item/s to our customer service team via our email address [email protected], together with the packing slip and we will send you a replacement.

When will the replacements be sent?

You should receive your replacement within 30 days from the date it was requested.

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Why do I have to wait 30 days for replacements?

It is usually coming sooner than this, but we need to allow for any unexpected delays, such as courier delays, weather conditions, etc. “If you have not received your item or tracking information after 30 days, you can reach out to customer service for more information.

Will I be charged for replacements?

If the replacement is due to something we have done, then the replacement is free of charge. If the replacement is required due to damages during build or accidental damage, then you will need to pay for the replacement. Also, if you are requesting the replacement over 30 days from delivery, you will need to pay for the replacement order.

The item never arrived.

We are sorry to hear that you have not received your delivery. Please contact our customer service team who will try to track the parcel on your behalf and if its not located they can order a replacement for you. Please ensure that you notify us about any missing issues within 45 days from the dispatch date.

Why do I have to wait 30 days for a lost item to be reshipped?

It usually arrives sooner than this, but we need to allow for any unexpected delays, such as courier delays, weather conditions, etc.

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Why do I have to pay for a lost item, as I didn't know it was lost?

If a lost item is not reported within 45 days from the dispatch notice shipment confirmation, we are unable to provide a free replacement.

Why did the item arrive damaged? Is there no quality team at the warehouse?

We are sorry to hear that you have received a damaged package. Whilst our products are quality checked, we are ordering thousands of each issue, and unfortunately the odd one escapes our scrutiny. Please see the replacement section for instructions on how to request a replacement.

Why do I have to wait 30 days for a damaged item to be reshipped?

It usually arrives sooner than this - but we need to allow for any unexpected delays, such as courier delays, weather conditions, etc.

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Build-ups: I didn't know it was damaged as I wait for a few months to put together, and I don't want to pay again for it.

We fully appreciate that you are building up some parts before starting the assembly, but we recommend that you check each delivery for any missing parts or damages, and flag any problems within 30 days from delivery, so we can rectify the issue for you.

Build-ups: I am waiting for the whole collection before I begin putting it together, what if I run into some problems and I need replacements?

Our build-ups are designed to be put together as you get new model parts but if you opt to collect all parts first, we do recommend that you inspect each delivery as you receive them for missing parts or damages. This will allow you to report the problem within 30 days of delivery so we can rectify it for you, rather than having to pause your build to request and wait for a replacement once you start.

I do not have a Facebook account, how would I get my updates?

We periodically send emails to advise you of important updates about your shipments and also other exciting news about your collection - so please ensure that you are checking both your inbox and spam/junk folder for our updates.

Call Center Statistics: Subscriptions and Shop

May 2022


The team handled 4,221 calls during the month of May

Percentage of calls answered: 98%

89% of calls were answered within 60 seconds
The average wait time for most customers was 52 seconds
On average, agents spent around 4 minutes with each caller


In May, the team answered over 7,478 emails, 93% were replied to within 48 hours.
The average time, from opening an email and resolving the query, was just around 8 hours


During the same month, we received 927 messages via social media.
The average time to resolve a query was within 14 hours


The customer satisfaction score measures your satisfaction with the interaction with our agents, with the range 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). Here is the average score of the month.

In May, the US team received a score of 4.44