The Matrix Resurrections director, Lana Wachowski, has shared Keanu Reeves' deep reaction to having seen the final cut of the latest sci-fi movie.

The first trailer for the fouth Matrix film was released online last week, and was met with rapturous applause and intrigue from across the entertainment world.

Check out the trailer below, and see what you make of it.

Speaking about the 57-year-old's response to having seen the final cut, according to CinemaBlend, Reeves had something appropriately poignant to say.

"We showed the film to Keanu, and he really was blown away by it," she said.  Revealing the lengthy thoughts the John Wick actor had on the experience, she continued to explain that "he said something that was typically Keanu, where it's incredibly insightful."

Setting the scene, as the proverbial credits rolled, Wachowski described his feedback as 'casual brilliance'.

"And he's just sort of sitting there, and you don't expect some incredible revelation to come out of him at that moment, like casual brilliance just kind of rolls off of Keanu. And he was just sitting there, and he goes, 'Twenty years ago you told a story in which you described the coming twenty years and the problems of the nature of digital, virtual life and how it was going to impact us and how we think about it, and gave us a frame to be able to think about it and talk about it. And you took the same character and the same stories and the same stuff, and somehow you made it about the next twenty years.' And he was like, 'How did you do that?'"

It appears Reeves, who returns to the franchise after nearly 20 years, was moved and affected by the final cut of the movie, which - we hope - bodes well for how cinema goers will react when the final scene closes and the credits play.

So far, the trailer has amassed almost 30 million views since it dropped late last week. The movie, the fourth instalment in the series, sees one half of the Wackowski sisters, Lana, return to co-write and direct. Reeves and Carrie-Anee Moss are also back, despite dying in The Matrix Revolutions, along with Jada Pinket Smith so expect all sorts of crazy explanations over the hows and whys.

The new film sees old faces return but also introduces a list of new additions, too. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Candyman), Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Henwick, Christina Ricci, Jonathan Groff and Priyanka Chopra Jonas make up the core of the cast.

The Matrix Resurrections makes its way into cinemas on 22 December, 2021 and will also be available on HBO Max.