How to enjoy your favorite hobby even more: speed up your car model build-up

How to enjoy your favorite hobby even more: speed up your car model build-up

By Die-Cast Club

In a time where you can binge your favorite shows, we understand you may want to binge your favorite model build-up.

Did you know your plan was highly customizable?

You can pause your subscription, skip shipments or change your shipping frequency and/or the number of model kits you receive in every shipment at any point throughout your subscription by simply contacting Customer Service via email or phone. You are in control of how many deliveries you wish to receive to match your schedule, provided we have those model parts in stock.

Perhaps, you’d like to start strong and sign up for 12 model kits at once, before slowing down and reverting back to the regular plan to match your busy schedule or prolong the satisfaction of the build.

Or perhaps, you’re ahead and would like to retire to your garage and complete your model in one go, walking through all 100+ model parts and screws?

Of course, we understand there are times of the year where you’d rather focus on something else (work, vacation, etc.): you can also decide to slow down or even skip a few months at no cost.

If you’re happy with your existing plan (4 model kits per month), you can also stick to that.

That’s all possible! Plus, all billing and payments will change to reflect your new plan: we only charge you for model kits that have shipped.

accelerator program



The accelerator program will be available once you reach your third shipment and will be offered exclusively via email, several times during your subscription, so watch out for those limited-time offers!


What’s next?

Thousands of fans have been asking us for the option to buy the complete sets of model kits because they simply could not wait a whole year or more to complete their build-ups!

We heard you!

The Back to the Future DeLorean will be ready to dispatch as a full kit in September 2021 with preorders this Summer! To sign up for the full kit please register your interest here.

Also if you would like to see more of your favorite car models available as a full kit, we’ll be working hard on making your wish come true!

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