Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games have partnered with PlayStation to bring us a special edition of State of Play dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy.

Here, they showed us a solid 15 minutes of gameplay as well as let us hear from the team behind this magical new game. This is your opportunity to experience Hogwarts unlike any time before in this AAA open-world action RPG, where you can create your avatar from scratch and find magical adventures all over the Scottish Highlands and beyond, with Hogwarts Legacy!

Take a look at the stunning footage below:

You are a new transfer student starting as a fifth year at the famed School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with the unique ability to manipulate powerful ancient magic. Fans of the Wizarding World will know that it is magic that happens independently from witches and wizards and can be triggered by events and powers endemic to the nature of reality. Hogwarts is a stronghold of this sort of magic. 

You must work hard to catch up to your fellow students by following lessons, learning spells, and brewing potions. Hogwarts might also be willing to help you on your journey by letting players use the Room of Requirements for studies outside of class.

In this gorgeous-looking game, you get to walk through the walls and explore places we've not had the chance to uncover in this way before in all of our 25 years of Wizarding World magic, such as the kitchen, the prefect bathroom, the Hufflepuff common room, and the secret passageways. You might even stumble upon a new piece of magic or an elusive puzzle or two during your exploration. 

But be careful, because not everyone is as kind or as willing for you to succeed as Hogwarts and its teachers are. There's talks of a Goblin rebellion on the horizon and they might've reached an uneasy alliance with the dark wizards. All who might catch you when you least expected upon your walks through the grounds and beyond. 

You'll be able to harness your skills in spells and potions to become an expert dualist and create new spell combos to defeat your foes with. Help upgrade your skills by looting, crafting, or buying new gear. Learn about the magical beasts and take up flying to get around faster. Throughout there will be plenty of ways to grow and catch up with your peers.


You'll not be alone in this adventure of yours either, as you meet many friends along the way, each with their own set of skills and stories. Let them show you spells, how to best handle beasts, or how to get by unnoticed. It'll not be a boring story you tell within these walls!

It's clear that the team behind this game is as much of a fan of the Wizarding World as us Potterheads are. And it can clearly be felt in the way the game looks and the way they speak of it. According to Community Manager Chandler Woods, "this is the game we've dreamed of for 20 years."

This is your own Hogwarts Legacy. Coming Holiday season 2022 to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.