Disney release first Hawkeye trailer



The first trailer for Disney+'s upcoming Hawkeye series has landed.

The latest show to be released from Marvel Studios' long list of small screen, live-action ventures - previously including WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and most recently, Loki - follows Jeremy Renner's stealthy and extremely precise shooter, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye.

The premise: Family man Clint safely send his family off, with the words "I'll be home for Christmas, I promise," only for chaos to errupt.

He's joined by Hailee Steinfeld, assuming the role of newcomer Kate Bishop, as the pair team-up for the city-based, festive themed series. The show will debut on 24 November and consist of 8 episodes that will run over the entire Christmas period and into 2022.

Check out the entertaining trailer for Hawkeye, below:

It has to be noted that some parts of the trailer certainly feel very Die Hard-inspired and the tone appears to be fast-paced, action-filled and rather comedic.

There's also a new poster for the show, which Disney has shared on their Twitter account, with a very festive, comedic feel to the whole thing, so expect some added holiday joy this 2021.

'This holiday season the best gifts come with a bow,' is the caption for the artwork, which is almost mocking the idea of the obligatory Christmas romcoms that make their way into cinemas each year without fail.

Tonally, it looks great, with a solid amount of light-hearteness amidst all the intensity of the fighting. No doubt we will see a strong bond form between Renner and Steinfeld's on-screen characters, yet its seaonal placment is very different to anything we've seen previously from Marvel, bar Iron Man 3's snowy December setting, of course.

And just to add to the jaunty nature of the trailer, there's even an Avengers musical to enioy - something we will hopefully see a lot more of in the show itself.

Hawkeye begins on Disney+ on 24 November with episode 1, and streams a new part each week until January, 2022