You’ve seen the movie, you may have picked up the Blu-ray too. With all the time in the world to digest the events of No Time To Die, Alan J. Porter suggests ways for you to fill in time until Bond is back.

What will come next for the James Bond franchise? We don’t know how long it’s going to be until we get the answer to that question, but while we wait there is still plenty of Bond-related options out there to provide us our 007 fix.

For a start, 2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the EON-produced movie series, and there will be celebrations aplenty in the year ahead.  Plus, now we have 25 Bond adventures we can enjoy at home; 27 if you add in the non-EON productions of Never Say Never Again and the 1967 surreal madcap version of Casino Royale. If you want to be a Bond completist you could also add the 1954 version of Casino Royale made for American TV, which are all available on DVD, Blu-ray, or are streaming online. 
But the real delight is exploring the world of 007 beyond the movies themselves, as there is so much to discover. Perhaps the best place to start is the same place that Bond did, with the original books written by 007’s creator Ian Fleming, with 12 novels and two short story collections to enjoy. Bond’s literary adventures didn’t end with Fleming, as there have been authorized continuation novels by Kingsley Amis (one), John Gardner (16), Raymond Benson (nine), Sebastian Faulks (one), Jeffery Deaver (one), William Boyd (one) and Anthony Horowitz (two), with a third Horowitz novel, With A Mind To Kill, scheduled for publication in May 2022. A full list of all the Bond novels can be found at the author’s James Bond Lexicon website

Another way to enjoy new Bond adventures is in comics. As well as having a rich history of comics to explore (most of which are available in reprints), Dynamite Comics are currently producing some of the best contemporary 007 stories on a regular basis. Nearly every aspect of the Bond universe has been covered by a book at some time or another: from academic studies to books focused on the novels, movies, biographies, music, travel, cars, comics, food, and more, there are literally hundreds of non-fiction volumes available. There have been several new additions over the last year too, including the James Bond Film GuideJames Bond’s DB5 from Eaglemoss, and the author’s James Bond Lexicon.

A popular way to enjoy the world of Bond is through collecting. There are dedicated folks out there with some very impressive collections of 007 memorabilia, covering nearly every aspect of the character’s history. If you are thinking of starting to collect Bond then it may be better to start by focusing on specific areas. Personally, I like to collect different editions of the Fleming novels as I come across them, plus the trading-card sets. I also have several die-cast models of the various cars (although that’s not a particular focus for me). I know fans who do focus on the car models, and some who just collect different versions of the famous Aston Martin DB5. There are those who like to collect the various toys and others who collect the music soundtracks, or the poster art. The choice is yours. 

Travel has always been a major part of the Bond experience, and many Bond fans like to combine their hobby with their travel plans, making location hunting a fun way to experience 007’s world, be that movie locations or places mentioned in the novels. Location searching tends to fall into two categories: those who plan their travel to deliberately visit specific locations, and others that like to discover Bond locations that just happen to be in the vicinity (I tend to fall into the latter).

While traveling, you can also take the opportunity to visit any Bond-related exhibits that may be on. At any given time there are usually several 007-centric shows on at a variety of museums, and some even have permanent displays. At the time of writing a new and expanded Bond-in-Motion exhibit has not long opened at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, while the National Motor Museum in the UK has a No Time To Die-related exhibit in place. 

If you prefer to take a more digital route to exploring the world of 007 then here is a back catalog of video games to track down and play; with a long-awaited Project 007 game from IO Interactive in development. 

There is also a welcoming and supportive Bond community online with a wide selection of related websites, forums, and podcasts available. Whatever your social media platform of choice you will find a thriving and engaging community of Bond fans ready to help you discover the various worlds of 007, so come and join us! 

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